Markinch Bowling Club Timeline

June 1863

Markinch Bowling Club Established

In June 1863, the Club was instituted and confirmed by the Fife Bowling Association. It was on 7th April, 1865 that 26 gentlemen met in the Galloway Inn and formed themselves..Read More
October 1879

Markinch Win First Fours Competition

Markinch were involved in local games against Leven, Dunfermline Northern and Kirkcaldy and in October, 1879 Markinch won the first Fours competition organised by the F.B.A. The green was extended..Read More
January 1886

New Bowls House Erected

In 1886, a new Bowls House was erected and Markinch Bowling Club continued to be a source of entertainment for locals. It was agreed at the Committee Meeting in October,..Read More
September 1903

Bowls House Extension

The existing Bowls House was extended in 1903 and a Special Meeting was called in September, 1905 to discuss relaying of the green.  This was carried at the A.G.M. in..Read More
June 1908

Green Re-laid

The green was opened in June 1908 after being re-laid and in May 1908, after considerable discussion, it was agreed to purchase a new Shanks 18” bowling green mower at..Read More
November 1914

Military Possession

The game of bowls continued to grow throughout Scotland, with more greens being laid in towns and villages. With the start of World War 1 in August 1914, however, Club..Read More
June 1918

Mixed Rink Game Proposed

In June, 1918 a mixed rink game for ladies and gentlemen was proposed, with an entry fee of 1/- each. However, a Mr.Walker moved an amendment, that ladies be not..Read More
November 1921

Registration Under Licensing Act

In November, 1921 a Special Meeting was called to discuss the Registration of the Club under the Licensing Act, which was passed by 27 votes to 10. The Rev. Mr.Shannon,..Read More
November 1925

Refreshment Bar and Store

In November 1925, the plans for a Refreshment Bar and Store were placed before the Committee, which were agreed as long as the expenditure did not exceed £50. This was..Read More
January 1937

During the 1930s

During the 1930’s the Club’s finances were causing problems and were unable to give donations neither to the South African Bowls Tour nor the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 1937. There..Read More
January 1947

Greenkeeper’s House Purchased

After the cessation of the 2nd World War the Club continued to thrive and a greenkeeper’s house – 3 Landel Street – was purchased at a cost of £675. Due to..Read More
November 1952

Centenary Year Fund

In November 1952, it was unanimously agreed to set up a centenary fund with a target of £400 set to celebrate the Club’s Centenary in 1963.  In 1960, various designs..Read More
June 1963

Centenary Year

Committee Members seen here in the Centenary Year of 1963.
January 1973

Club House Extension

It was first muted in 1973 to further extend the Club premises by erecting a prefabricated building at a cost of £13,000. The Centenary Fund was closed, a Building Fund..Read More
December 1974

Ladies become Members

It was in December, 1974 Mr. J.Bell proposed that ladies be admitted to the Club as members, as they would be an asset to the Club. This was seconded by..Read More
March 1976

New Clubhouse Opened

At the 1975 A.G.M. it was decided that the new Clubhouse would be opened from 20th December, however it was agreed that the Club would be officially opened on 27th..Read More
September 1982

New Gas Heating System Installed

In April 1982 a new gas heating system was installed and on Friday 3rd September, 1982 the extension was officially opened with a buffet and cabaret limited to 50 couples. There..Read More
November 1982

Further Clubhouse Extension

The popularity of the Club grew, with functions, bingo and dancing and it soon became very obvious that the dance floor was too small, so in November, 1982 there was..Read More
March 1983

Carpet Bowling Section Formed

The premises were used by Haig’s carpet bowlers, who had been given permission to play their league games at Markinch in 1982. The following year, 1983, when Haig Distillery was..Read More
July 1985

Green Watering System Installed

It was decided to install a watering system around the green to assist in maintaining the green to a high standard and this was completed in July 1985, although there..Read More
January 1988

125th Anniversary

In 1988, to commemorate the Club’s 125th Anniversary, the Ladies Section chose a special theme – a 125 Express train. It gave Jim Munro the ideal opportunity to show all..Read More
January 1991

New Dance Floor Laid by Tom Young and Jim Munro

It was necessary to continue expenditure on the premises to ensure the Club premises maintained their high standard and in November 1991, Tom Young and Jim Munro were responsible for..Read More
April 1992

Glenrothes District Bowls League Formed

On the bowling side, Markinch attended a meeting in April 1992, with other local Clubs, with a view to setting up a 5 or 6 Club league. In May, the..Read More
December 2000

Millennium A.G.M

At the 2000 A.G.M. the ladies were invited to attend the A.G.M. for the first time as full members and allowed to vote, to elect a mixed Management Committee. There..Read More
January 2002

You can’t park there!

It was a pleasant, quiet Wednesday afternoon in 2002 when Chic Nash’s rink were enjoying playing a Wemyss League Senior fixture against Thornton B.C. The peace and tranquillity was shattered...Read More
January 2003

Club Improvements

There was still a considerable amount of improvements within the Club, including the refurbishing of the locker room in 2003, with 57 large metal lockers, which had been acquired from..Read More
January 2011

New Roof Covering

There was a high-cost expenditure when there was a special roof covering installed over the Clubhouse at a cost of £14,500, which was completed in 2011.
October 2012

Green Amendments

It was decided to raise the edges around the perimeter of the green at the end of 2012 season to ensure the green was of the highest possible standard for..Read More
January 2013

150th Anniversary

The year 2013 marked the 150th Anniversary of Markinch Bowling Club. A special commemorative was published with the following included from Club President Jack L. R. Harley. “It is indeed an..Read More