125th Anniversary


In 1988, to commemorate the Club’s 125th Anniversary, the Ladies Section chose a special theme – a 125 Express train.

It gave Jim Munro the ideal opportunity to show all his carpentry skills by constructing a moving model of the express train, which was powered by the ladies of the chorus, suitably dressed in B.R. uniforms and singing songs such as “Chatanooga Choo Choo”.

A “station platform” sketch with Ella Archer, Rita Digby and Betty Kerr depicting the upper and lower class outlook was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.  The compere was again Bruce Nicol, who introduced the talents of Dave Brown (Matt Munro), George Pottie (Bothy Ballads) and John Kerr (Billy Connolly). There was a hilarious “Carry On” hospital sketch with Pete Watson as the patient, Jimmy Johnstone, the bungling assistant and the sexy glamour was supplied by Betty Kerr. There was a “Couple of Swells” namely Tina Spence and Jean Peebles and Nanette Fernie performed beautifully as “Burlington Bertie”. There was further musical support from the ladies of the chorus, which included Margaret Cunningham, Ray Hastie, Norma Nicol, Cath Steele, Sarah Duncan, Margaret Craig and Chris Munro.