Markinch Bowling Club was established in 1863 and is located in the heart of Markinch within Fife, right opposite Markinch Primary School and the Old Police Station.
We offer fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities, Outdoor Lawn Bowls are played throughout the summer season on our 6 rink green and throughout the winter season we offer carpet bowling inside our large function hall.
We’ve packed our website full of information, feel free to navigate around and find out more about our club and how to become a member. See below information on this years Office Bearers & Club Representatives.  

2020 Office Bearers

Club President – Judd Clark

Ladies President – Jean Westwater

Gents Vice President – Dave Baldie

Ladies Vice President – Bridget Whyte

Secretary – Catriona Sword

Treasurer – Clarence Machdo

Assistant Treasurer – Christine Campbell

Match Secretary (Gents) – Peter McTavish

Match Secretary (Ladies) – Ann Young

Green Ranger – Tom Young

Committee Members  – Tom Young (Gents Past President), Fiona Cameron (Ladies Past President),  Jim Cameron, Rhona Bunting, Kevin Bunting,  Jim Hay Snr, Alex Smith, Terry Ross, David Whyte.

2020 Gents Club Representatives

Scottish Junior Single HandA. M Dewar  B. T Dewar  C.

Scottish Single Hand – D Comrie

Scottish Senior Single Hand – C Nash

Scottish PairsA. C Falconer  B. J Clark

Scottish Mixed PairsA. T Young / R Bunting    B. K Bunting / C Sword

Scottish Triples – K Bunting

Scottish Fours – R Crawford

Scottish Senior FoursA. J Lafferty  B. T Pettigrew  C. T Young

Fife Junior Single Hand – M Dewar

Fife Single Hand – T Pettigrew

Fife Pairs – C Falconer

Fife Triples – D Comrie

Fife Fours – C Falconer

Fife Senior Fours – B Bell

2020 Ladies Club Representatives

Scottish Junior Single Hand – A. H Clark  B. A Blyth  C.  E Blyth

Scottish Single Hand – H Clark

Scottish Senior Single Hand – S Young

Scottish Pairs – R Bunting

Scottish Mixed PairsA. R Bunting / T Young  B. C Sword / K Bunting

Scottish Triples – S Young

Scottish Fours – S Watson

Scottish Senior Fours – A. S Watson   B. R Bunting

Fife Single Hand – B Whyte

Fife Pairs – H Clark

Fife Triples – R Bunting

Fife Fours – S Young

East of Scotland Single Hand – B Whyte

East of Scotland Pairs – R Bunting